Club Fixtures (men)


1st April Saturday Dye & Heggie Medal (Championship)
2nd April Sunday Match vs Angus County Ladies (Burnside) - 8 players - start 9.30
3rd April Monday China Cup 1st Round (Burnside)
8th April Saturday Lindsay Shield Match vs St Andrews (Championship) - 25 players - start 13.00
10th April Monday Seniors vs Arbroath Artisan (Away) - start 12:00
15th April Saturday Lindsay Shield vs Leven (Championship) - 25 players - start 13:00
22nd April Saturday Gold Cross (Championship)
29th April Spring Meeting
-Stevenson Cup (Championship)
-Subscription Medal (Championship)
-Simpson Shield 1st round (championship)
-Aggregate & Carnegie Shields 1st Round (championship)
-Colin Murdoch Rosebowl 1st Round (Burnside)
-Tommy Walker Trophy 1st Round (Buddon)

10th May Wednesday Seniors vs Arbroath Artisan (Burnside) - start 12:45
12th May Friday Seniors vs R M M (Burnside) - start 11:45
20th May Saturday
-Carnoustie vs Arbroath - Peewit Plaque (Away)
-Neilson Medal (Championship) - scratch
-Club Tankard (Championship) - H'cap
22nd May Monday Seniors v Monifieth (Away) - start 12.00
26th May Friday GB Clark Salver (Burnside)
27th May Saturday
-Ferrier & Ortwin Trophies 1st Round (Championship)
-Sterling Cross (Championship)
-GB Clark Quaich (Burnside)
28th May Sunday GB Clark Trophy (Championship)

3rd June Saturday
-Aggregate & Carnegie Shields 2nd Round (Championship) -Colin Murdoch Rosebowl 2nd Round (Burnside)
-Tommy Walker Trophy 2nd Round (Buddon)
5th June Monday Seniors v Leven (Away)
10th June Saturday Pete Coleman Trophy (Burnside)
12th June Monday Club Championship 1st Qual.Round (Championship & Burnside) from 16:30
14th June Wednesday Club Championship 2nd Qual.Round (Championship and Burnside) from 16:30
16th June Friday Club Championship Match Play Round 1 (Championship and Burnside) from 17:45
19th June Monday Club Championship Match Play Round 2 (Championship & Burnside) from 17:45
20th June Tuesday Ian Richardson Trophy (Texas Scramble) (Burnside) from 16:00
21st June Wednesday Club Championship Semi Finals (Championship & Burnside) from 17:45
25th June Sunday
-Club Championship Final (Championship) 8.52 am & 1.20 pm
-Jubilee Cup Final (Burnside) 1.00pm
-also Ladies Club Championship Final (Championship) 1.30 pm
-also Ladies Handicap Final (Burnside) 1.07 pm
26th June Monday Seniors v Grange & Broughty (Away) start 12.00pm

1st July Saturday
-Cowan Quaich (Burnside) from 12.52
-Aggregate & Carnegie Shields 3rd Round (Championship)
-Colin Murdoch Rosebowl 3rd Round (Burnside)
-Tommy Walker Trophy 3rd Round (Buddon)
2nd July Sunday Seniors V Ladies (Burnside) from 13:00 to 13:37
7th July Friday Mixed Foursomes (Burnside) 16:00 to 18:30
8th July Saturday Carnoustie vs Monifieth (Championship & Burnside) from 1pm
14th July Friday Seniors v Downfield (Championship) 12.30 to 13.07
22nd July Saturday Jackie Grant Trophy & Tankard (Burnside) Scr & Hcp
27th July Thursday Seniors v Grange & Broughty (Burnside) from 1pm
29th July Saturday
-John Hill Trophy (Championship) Scr
-Frank Duncan Trophy (Burnside)

2nd August Wednesday Seniors v Monifieth (Championship) 12.30 to 1.07 pm
4th August Friday Carnoustie vs Caledonia (Championship and Burnside) from 17:00
5th August Saturday
-Ferrier Medal (Championship) Hcp
-Jackie Grant Trophy & Tankard Scatch & Handicap BS
7th August Monday Seniors v Leven Thistle (Burnside) from 12.22
12th August Saturday
-Aggregate & Carnegie Shields Final Round (Championship)
-Colin Murdoch Rosebowl Final Round (Burnside)
-Tommy Walker Trophy Final Round (Buddon)
13th August Sunday Carnoustie vs Dunochil (Championship) from 10.45
19th August Saturday Carnoustie vs Arbroath - Peewit Plaque (Championship) from 12.30
24th August Thursday Seniors v Downfield (Away) from 12.30 pm
26th August Saturday Ferrier & Ortwin Trophies 2nd Round (Championship)
31st August Thursday Seniors v Montrose (Away) from 11.30

2nd September Saturday Bernie Curtis Trophy (Burnside) Hcp
8th September Friday Carnoustie Seniors (Burnside)
9th September Saturday Autumn Meeting
-Kinloch Medal (Championship) Scr
-Abertay Cup (Championship) Hcp
-Simpson Shield 2nd Round
-Victoria Cup
16th September Saturday Carnoustie vs Ballater (Championship & Burnside from 12.52
28th September Monday until 1st October Dunhill Championship (Provisional)

2nd October Monday China Cup Final Round (Burnside)

16th November Thursday Annual General Meeting from 19:00
24th November Friday Annual smoker and Presentation of Prizes from 19:00