Club Competitions

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Weekly Sweepstakes Competitions are played across all three courses

We have an outstanding golf program for our members, played from both the White and Yellow course markers each month. We have a live leaderboard and results service on our ClubV1 app.

The last weekend of every month all sweepstake competitions will be played from the WHITE discs on all courses. All results are published in the clubhouse and in The Courier each day.

  • Saturdays all 3 courses
  • Sundays all 3 courses
  • Tuesday Championship and Buddon
  • Wednesday Buddon
  • Friday Burnside and Buddon



Dalhousie Cup - Championship
Brand Trophy - Burnside
Sons of Carnoustie - Buddon
Harris Cup (Age 55 and Over) - Optional Courses
Newcastle Brewers (Age 65 and Over) - Optional Courses


Shanghai Cup - Foursomes - Championship
Tommy Armour Trophy - Greensomes - Burnside
Macdonald Smith Trophy - Fourball - Buddon
Brian Durbidge Trophy - Greensomes (Age 55 and Over)
Optional Courses


Singles - Full Difference
Foursomes & Greensomes - One-Half of the Combined Difference
Fourball - Each player receives 9/10 of the difference from the lowest player.

The courses shown above are mandatory except for the Senior Competitions which may be played over any course agreed between the players. Please note that this is a Club decision and not a concession by the Links and all players will require to hold a season ticket for the course being played or pay an upgrade if appropriate. Where one or more competitor holds a restricted ticket, it is hoped that their opponent(s) will show flexibility in this matter.