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Join our historic club

The Carnoustie Golf Club has a long and proud history of being an Artisan Club, formally constituted in 1842 making it one of the ten oldest golf clubs in the world. The club has given the golfing world many of it's finest champions and we are proud of our legacy.

For over 180 years we have been a home for the local members and visitors alike. Our games of golf have been won and lost over the links at Carnoustie for a very long time. Our first club competitions were also played in 1842 - 18 years before The Open Championship began.

Membership Information

Application and Guidance Note

The Carnoustie Golf Club welcomes Members from across the golfing world and offer a selection of Membership Options. For up to date subscription information, please contact the Club office.

There are three membership options:

1. Full Membership.

2. Country & Overseas Membership

3. Social Membership. Social Membership is available only to persons NOT holding a season ticket entitling them to play over any of the Carnoustie Golf Courses.

The standard Application Form can be used for Full, Country and Overseas Membership, and all forms, including Subscription Information (all in PDF form), can be downloaded here: